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We will hate you.

However, we will insult you in proper English.

Allied Cynics
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Welcome to Allied Cynics, where everything and everyone sucks, except for us. This isn't a stupid surperfical elitist group. We just hate asstards and don't want them around.

Unlike customers_suck and the like, you can post about any dumbfuck, be it a person, place or event. Just don't be stupid. We hate chatspeak. We hate stupid people. Use proper English- not internet short hand, leet speak or anything else. If you do, we will mock you, add your entry to the memories and then ban you.


Everything must be behind a cut, unless it is under three sentences. Lets not fuck up everybody's friends page. It's annoying.

Use proper English.

Debates are okay, encouraged infact, don't start drama for drama's sake. Have a reason.

If you do get into a debate, be intelligent about it.

DO NOT start posts sepfically to fight with someone.

Overuse of emoticons is annoying. We don't need one every other word.

Don't plug a community unless you okay it with me.

You can reply to an application, but I have the final say.


To Apply

You are allowed to freely join the community, but once you join you must post your application, or I will ban you. The criteria you will be judged on will be how intelligent your answers are.
Once approved, you are allowed to post at will about whatever annoys or amuses you. Sometimes, I may post a debate topic. You can post your own, but if it is dumb or a repeat, I will delete it.
If rejected, don't apply again. We will reject you again. Get over it.
Additionally, if your application is lacking the use of proper punctuation and spelkling, we will mock you, add the enrty to the memories, and reject you. We are not elitist nor are we high on ourselves, we hate dumb shit and won't tolerate it.
Yes, we do force people to apply, but that is our way. Don't like it? We don't care.

The Application


Favorite Movies:

Favorite Songs:

Favorite Books:

Name Three (3) things you absolutely hate:

What would you say are the most evil things in the world?:

Your thoughts on Abortion:

Your thoughts on Religion:

Your thoughts on Politics:

Your thoughts on Society:

Name three people you absolutely detest:

Anything else you think is cynical/bitchy/sarcastic in your life that you'd like to share:

-Please include a picture of someone else, because we're not one of those superficial communities based off of looks. If you do not have webspace to host it at, posting the URL is acceptable, as long as it works.

Any entries not LJ-Cut will not be accepted.